About Us

About Anderson Research

Alic Anderson founded Anderson Research after spending 24 years investigating financial fraud and money laundering for several international organizations and private firms. Alic started his career after obtaining his B.S. in Finance and his Masters  in Forensic Accounting with a highly coveted job on Wall Street.

After excelling in a few short years in his firm, Alic was recruited by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an examiner. Alic found this work extremely educational but through contacts with international organizations, Alic went to work for the United Nations office of Drugs and Crime in 1999 as a consultant, specializing in international money laundering investigations. Alic worked as a consultant for several years with the UNODC before going to work for a large international investigations company. There, Alic was head of the asset location division before retiring in 2011 after a company merger. Alic started Anderson Research in 2012 to fulfill a strong need in GLB Compliant, reliable,  and complete asset location for investigations. Anderson Research uses legal, state of the art techniques and proprietary data originated by the ACH and Swift network.


Our Talent

Anderson Research employs investigators who have previously served as federal law enforcement, state intelligence, or military intelligence that have focused on financial investigations. In addition, we recruit talent from many related service industries such as accounting, computer information systems, business development, and more. When you need an expert for advice, you can call Anderson Research.